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Hair Extensions: The dirty secrets no one will tell you

04/03/2022 | Author: Jomana Negem |

Brazilian, Peruvian, European, Russian, Indian, Chinese, raw hair, 100% human hair, virgin hair, wefts, tapes, keratin bonds, itips, clip ins, invis-wefts are some of the many names you will come across as you begin your hair extension research.  But searching the internet trying to find trul..

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Remy Hair vs Virgin Remy Hair: Same same of different?

07/03/2022 | Author: Jomana Negem |

Remy hair is the next level of quality in the hair chain. Remy hair is basically hair that comes from one donor, that is usually cut in a ponytail where the cuticles are intact making it superior to human hair. It is then put together with other single donor hair and bundled and sold per gram to manufacturers. Remy hair can be either virgin or not. It..

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European Hair vs Russian Hair

07/03/2022 | Author: Jomana Negem |

The Rolls Royce end of hair extensions and here is why. Russian hair and European hair are sometimes used interchangeably, but whilst Russian can be claimed to be European, European cannot. European hair is mainly sourced from Spain, Italy and Eastern European countries like Romania and Bulgaria, where the donors are mainly of Latin Ame..

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