Remy Hair vs Virgin Remy Hair: Same same of different?

Remy Hair vs Virgin Remy Hair: Same same of different?

07/03/2022 | Author: Jomana Negem |

Remy hair is the next level of quality in the hair chain. Remy hair is basically hair that comes from one donor, that is usually cut in a ponytail where the cuticles are intact making it superior to human hair. It is then put together with other single donor hair and bundled and sold per gram to manufacturers. Remy hair can be either virgin or not. It only refers to the cuticle direction and not whether the hair is virgin hair, virgin remy hair is much more costly but also widely available and comes mainly from India, where millions of women each year shave their heads as a ritual sacrifice in Hindu temples, as well as from China.

More than 80% of all hair originates from India and China, but as mentioned in our previous article, many suppliers (and hair stylists) seem to think if they market the origin of the hair as Brazilian or Russian, then it will be more appealing for western markets. To us this is not only dishonest but disrespectful to the millions of women and young girls who donate their hair or sell it to earn an income, in order that we can use it to beautify ourselves. Adam and Weave are proud to transparently offer the finest quality Indian and Chinese hair and are grateful to all those women who lost an integral part of themselves in order for us to gain an integral part of ours. We endeavour to source ethically responsible sources of hair, where a fairtrade has been made. 

Chinese and Indian Remy virgin hair, can be the same or a higher quality as hair from any other origin, and in our opinion not always a lesser quality than European hair. The texture of each ethnic hair types does differ, it varies in thickness, elasticity, texture etc . The texture of the hair extension should be matched to your natural hair type, which is why consulting a hair extension specilaist is an essential part of your hair investment, and something that we take the time to do to ensure that no one will be any wiser to your new bodalicious hair. . 

Remy virgin hair is sold as after a thorough sanitation process, per gram in bundles before being made into wefts or clips ins. Non virgin Remy hair undergoes a chemical process to colour the hair and prepare it for sale to be used in all types of application methods. Remy hair can be Indian, Asian or European in origin. Our salon proudly uses Seamless1 ready to wear extensions, as well as custom made extensions, allowing you to choose the hair grade and types to suit your budget and needs. Our preferred extensions are guaranteed to be what they claim to be.

Nothing can ever replace in person service, the ability to look, feel and experience the hair quality for yourself and speak to a human being, rather than a robot. When it comes to hair extensions, it doesn’t pay to take shortcuts.

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