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So we have come to the Rolls Royce end of hair extensions and here is why. Russian hair and European hair are sometimes used interchangeably, but whilst Russian can be claimed to be European, European cannot. European hair is mainly sourced from Spain, Italy and Eastern European countries like Romania and Bulgaria, where the donors are mainly of Latin American heritage (not exclusively, but a high percentage of the source donors). European hair is often darker being medium to light brown, and sometimes blonde.

On the other hand Russian hair is mainly sourced from Ukraine and other former soviet states and the colour range varies from light brown to blonde. This hair is highly sought after as the cuticle is softer and the hair texture smoother. Due to the colour of the hair, it needs less chemical processing to achieve the coveted blonde colour range, which means the integrity of the hair is not compromised by the harsh bleaching process used for the darker European hair (although is it really European hair if the donor is not ethnically European, just asking for a friend).

European hair is still quite good and in the mid to high price range. The quality is also exceptional as it is still not as dark as Indian or Chinese hair and therefore it is quite often used easily to go darker or lighter without greatly compromising the hair integrity.

Real Russian hair is not only expensive because it is scarce, and in the law of supply and demand, the scarcer the higher the cost, but it is also very hard to get genuine Russian hair or sometimes interchangeably Slavic hair.  Furthermore, no Russian woman is going to sell her beautiful long hair that she has spent 10+ years growing for $20-$100 dollars. For the end buyer it will cost anywhere from $3000 – $5000 for a full head of Russian hair. It is quite frustrating and infuriating to see many sellers and even some stylists who say they are offering Russian hair to justify a higher price tag and make it more inciting for clients, when it is not. Real Virgin Russian hair will last you several years in the same way that most Virgin Remy Hair will if it has not been lightened to blonde If the claim of longevity is only for 6 to 12 months then drop like its hot and run!

Adam and Weave Hair currently do not offer Russian hair as to date we have not been able to source a reliable 100% bonafide supplier and we personally believe that Asian hair is fair more superior and beautiful and don’t need to whitewash it to make it more enticing to the Western world. We honour the real source of most of the worlds hair extension supply which is Asia.

Nonetheless we are proud to offer 100% Remy and Remy virgin hair, in tapes, wefts and clip ins and a wide range of aftercare to ensure that your investment is well looked after. Our extension specialists are also able to convert your wefts into clip ins and vice versa to change with your changing lifestyle. Our colour matching is done in salon by our Master colourist to ensure that it looks exactly like your hair, meaning you can look like the glam queen you are without anyone knowing you weren’t born with it.

So hit us up on our insta handle and book your complimentary consultation to make those hair extension dreams come true. We offer Afterpay and Humm instore to make sure your bank account sleeps well too.